InHunt Executive is specialized in executive search. We can always provide a solution tailored into the customers’ situation to ensure that the right person will be founded and company will improve their competitiveness.

InHunt’s executive search headhunters are experienced executive search professionals who will take care that the search process is well managed and professionally executed from start to finish. In the screening phase we are able to challenge the customer’s business point of view, as well as the profile of the new director. During the production phase seeking and finding the best potential candidates as well as finding out the candidates’ knowledge and core competence are very critical. Into those two crucial phases we provide the best and most comprehensive know-how in the whole country and we will guarantee that the right person is found every single time.

Our six Senior Advisors are experienced business professionals. Through their own experiences and views they are able to help to find and choose the right person for the company’s management positions.

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